Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4


Product available in store only.

The loudspeaker that sets the standard all high-end designs will be judged for years to come. Endowed with every new key technology introduced in the other models in their 800 Series range plus an extensive array of further performance enhancements. The 801 D4 also marks the return to their portfolio of one of their most iconic model names - the iconic 801.

Their all-aluminium Turbine Head is a phenomenally stiff and inert housing for the crucial midrange cone, carefully damped to avoid unwanted resonances and decoupled from both the bass enclosure and the tweeter body.

Its cabinet is critically braced with a steel insert in its base around the port aperture, ensuring that even this substantial enclosure is impeccably quiet and well-controlled. Its crossover includes exotic Mundorf capacitors of the highest possible calibre and its midrange motor system includes a silver-topped pole piece that greatly reduces distortion through the midrange compared even to 802 D4.