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Linn Selekt Edition Hub


Available in store only

The Linn Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It is versatile, upgradeable and, crucially, sounds exceptional.

This digital music player was conceived with the intent for it to accommodate Linn’s latest technological advancements — and those of the future — by virtue of its ingenious, modular design. Your Selekt DSM can evolve with you as your desires and requirements change.

Choose your enclosure model, your preferred starting performance level, and then set Selekt DSM to work in your choice of application — all from one box — with the ability to upgrade easily at any time.

The Linn Selekt Edition Hub is a superior-quality enclosure, featuring an all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation, and elevated aesthetic appeal — with sleek sight lines, concealed joins and understated luxury at the fore.

Linn Selekt Edition Hub
• All-machined construction comprising four solid aluminium plates
• Rigid housing with greater mass and superior isolation
• Improved control dial with turned stainless-steel bearing
• All-glass mirrored front fascia
• High-mass stainless-steel feet with impressed ‘O’ ring aid decoupling
• Edition Hub and Classic Hub feature their all-new, precision-regulated PSU topology – Utopik – their best yet!

Organik DAC for Selekt DSM
• Dual-mono or stereo configurations available
• Optimised mono line-out cartridge (sold in pairs) houses 1 x mono Organik module each for top-performing dual-mono output
• Selekt DSM : Edition Hub with stereo Organik DAC comprehensively outperforms 2nd-gen Klimax DSM Katalyst; the dual-mono Organik DAC configuration raises that bar higher still

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