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Linn Selekt Classic Hub


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A tactile and beautiful listening experience that’s better in every sense. Fall in love with your music all over again. 

Selekt DSM brings back the human interaction with your hifi that’s been lost with the evolution of digital music.

Selekt DSM is designed to fit with your system and make it sound better, whatever your setup.

Cast your minds back to the days of yore and remember when HiFi was an investment which could, should funds ever allow, be readily improved with the latest upgrade to bring you ever closer to the elusive 'artist in your room' experience. 

The modern push towards all-in-one style products which are, by and large, "buy once and you're sorted" are very convenient but seem, with few exceptions, have lost sight of this long-term goal.

Back in 1973, the HiFi world was taken by storm with the introduction of the Linn Sondek LP12, a turntable which clearly outperformed the competition. Part of the beauty of this iconic turntable turned out to be its modular design. As technology has advanced so has the Sondek, but more importantly, so has your ability to upgrade your old Sondek to the latest specification.

This brings us to the launch of the Linn Selekt DSM: This in many ways brings the modular beauty of the Sondek LP12 to the modern digital world. The Selekt sounds great out of the box but as time advances and your musical needs change you'll easily be able to upgrade it to incorporate the latest technology, future-proofing your investment for years to come. Your dealer can add additional upgrades, known as 'Kartridges', to your Selekt at a future date to add further functions and abilities.

The Linn Selekt comes in various configurations. You can purchase a source-only lineout Selekt (in either dual mono or stereo configurations) should you wish to use your existing amplifiers, or you can buy the Selekt with integrated amplifiers should you wish to have a simple one-box solution. In addition, both variants can be upgraded with Katalyst, or for the highest performance - Organik - the latest DAC architecture from Linn, which significantly improves the digital sound even further.

The Linn Selekt will happily partner up with any passive speakers, whether they are from Linn or another manufacturer, and also boasts a large array of inputs including both moving magnet and moving coil phono stages. The Linn Selekt also introduces two new features: 'Pins' and a clever new volume dial. Pins in the form of six sleek buttons on the front edge of Selekt are uniquely configurable to you; pin a favourite radio station, album or song for ready access later. The volume dial not only adjusts the volume but also functions as an input selector whenever tilted forwards so you can easily swap between inputs without having to use the app.

Upgrades are retrofittable, so for instance you can upgrade to Katalyst or Organik at a later date should you require. 

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