Posted 15 Mar 2017

Loewe Bild 7

'The art of perfection'

The recently released Loewe Bild 7, their top of the range Loewe television which incorporates ultra HD 4K OLED technology, is now on display here at the shop and we're all mightily impressed.

With 'VantaVision' technology - taking its name from Vantablack, the blackest substance known to man - the new flagship Loewe Bild 7 has brilliant colours, high contrast and near perfect black which is really breathtaking to see. There is greath depth of field so the foreground looks almost like you can touch it!

This is the best screen quality we have ever seen, and certainly the best this shop has ever sold.

For more information we recommend viewing the Loewe website, calling us on (01904) 627108, emailing, or most importantly - coming to see it for yourself!