Posted 25 Oct 2017

Linn Lounge: Mozart

We will be hosting our classic evening in the form of a Linn Lounge Presents: Mozart Event, on Wednesday 6th December, played through the recently updated Linn Akudorik Katalyst system.

The Akudoriks were always a great speaker but nowadays they are supercharged by Linn's new Katalyst digital to analogue convertor circuitry which gives these outstanding active speakers an extra effortless musicality. We love them!

Mozart is recognised as one of the greatest classical composers. By the age of three young Wolfgang Amadeus was playing the piano like a pro, by four he was writing his own music, and by six he even put on a concert, no doubt assisted by Leopold, his ambitious dad. Yet despite his considerable legacy and that nowadays he is considered a musical genius, Mozart died a poor man and was buried in an anonymous pauper's grave in the churchyard of St. Mark in Vienna.

As always the evening will start at 7pm and we aim to finish around 9pm. We will provide refreshments, a glass of wine or soft drink, and we encourage you to bring along friends and family who are interested.

We are aware of space limitation in our demonstration room so we ask you to contact us in advance to book a place (or alternatively through the Linn website) so we can hold it for you. We look forward to seeing you on the evening and we can promise you some great quality music from a great sounding system.