Posted 28 Oct 2021

Linn Klimax LP12

Linn have announced their latest flagship Klimax LP12 which improves upon an already outstanding deck.

Featuring upgrades to the Radikal motor and motor control unit as well as a new top of the range moving coil cartridge called the Ekstatik, the best really did get better.

If you'd like to hear it yourself you can contact us here and we can arrange a suitable time to demonstrate it to you.

The complete Klimax LP12 turntable is now £21,795.00 and comes with all the new improvements, as well as having the option to have it in their re-released fluted plinth to set it apart from other decks. The Klimax LP12 is the epitome of vinyl playback and is the crown jewel in Linn's turntable lineup.

On its own, the new Radikal II is £4250.00, which includes an updated motor and a new motor control unit in Akurate level casework. You can also opt to have the motor control unit inside their Klimax level machined-from-solid casework for £6500.00 to match your existing Klimax level products.

The new Ekstatik moving coil cartridge goes above but doesn't supersede the previous range-topping Kandid cartridge and is available for £5500.00. Featuring a micro-ridge stylus on a sapphire cantilever, it makes for an extraordinarily responsive cartridge.

There are generous trade-in allowances available to owners of older Linn cartridges so please get in touch if you'd like to upgrade your existing system. Owners of the older Radikal can also upgrade their existing unit to the Mk.2 version for £1750.00

If you're interested in upgrading your LP12 power supply and phono stage at the same time, there are also package deals on new Radikal and Urika combinations.

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