Chord Electronics Huei


Product available in store only.

Huei is a next-generation, microprocessor-controlled MM/MC phono stage that draws from Chord Electronics’ three decades in amplifier design, engineering and manufacturing. Sharing the same compact and stylish form factor as their Qutest DAC, Huei has been created to provide turntables with the same uncompromising standard of amplification inherent in Chord Electronics’ wider ranges. A fully balanced design, Huei applies the latest thinking in vinyl replay to ably assist a huge range of cartridges to deliver their full potential.

Moving magnet support - Suitable for moving magnet cartridges

Moving coil support - Suitable for moving coil cartridges

Selectable gain - Tailor the gain of Huei to match your cartridge perfectly

Selectable impedance - Select the impedance that matches your cartridge for optimal performance

Rausch slope rumble filter - Remove rumble and only rumble with their intelligent filter, activated by the press of a button