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Naim Solstice Special Edition



UK ONLY - Free overnight shipping on this product.

For sale is our ex-demonstration Naim Solstice turntable, we can happily install this outstanding turntable for anyone in the local area for free (or further afield depending on location for a fee). Please contact us for more information.

As one of the select few Naim Audio dealers with this product, we are proud to introduce their Solstice Special Edition turntable. 

This is the first turntable in Naim’s almost 50-year history, and as one of only 500 turntables being produced, this is your chance to own a piece of HiFi history.

The Solstice Special Edition collection comes complete with Naim's Equinox moving-coil cartridge fitted to their iconic Aro Mk2 tonearm, Solstice Series Phono Stage, Solstice Series Power Supply and bespoke accessories set.

Vinyl-lovers can now enjoy the full Naim Audio experience with the launch of Solstice - the British brand’s first ever turntable. Designed and tuned by Naim, infusing almost 50 years of audio expertise, Solstice Special Edition comes exclusively packaged as a deluxe collection, limited to 500 sets.

The Solstice Special Edition combines contemporary, living-friendly design with a classic Naim look. It offers incredible sound quality without the complications associated with performance turntables. Simple to set up and use, it’s all about hearing your vinyl collection as you never have before.

There are exquisite design touches throughout, such as the turntable plinth painstakingly crafted from 47 separate layers of wood, and the cartridge – the reader of your records – sitting in a solid aluminium housing machined from a single billet.

“Solstice Special Edition offers an exceptional all-round experience. If you love the organic, authenticity of vinyl, now you can enjoy it with the musical purity and passion only a Naim system can deliver,” says Naim Audio Research & Development Director, Paul Neville.

The Solstice turntable comes with a next-generation version of Naim’s iconic Aro tonearm, Equinox moving-coil cartridge, Solstice Series Phono Stage, Solstice Series Power Supply and a bespoke accessories pack.

An exclusive commemorative hardback book and unique Naim Records album – a curated collection of superb quality True Stereo recordings, newly remastered for vinyl – completes the Special Edition collection.

The phono stage and power supply are hand-crafted at Naim in Salisbury, UK, with the turntable, arm and cartridge exactingly manufactured to Naim’s design by German specialist, Clearaudio. All elements are precision-engineered for consistently excellent performance.

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