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Linn Akubarik System


Available in store only

The Akubarik Exakt system is producing beguiling and exciting music and is currently on permanent demonstration here at the shop. Hamish has been so moved by the music emanating from ripped CDs from this Exakt Akubarik system that he has taken the unusual step of re-catagorising all the CDs in the shop, around 400 of them, to see what good music he has missed so far that he can play on this exciting system. (Sad isn't it!).

If you want to take a listen yourself to hear what the fuss is about then you are very welcome - just give us a quick ring first. Anyone who enjoys music is likely to be charmed to hear how good this system is in resolving detail and depth from CDs previously unavailable.

Linn themselves say: "The Exakt Akubarik speakers combine Linn's integrated Aktiv technology developed for Akubarik speakers with Exakt technology to put the source in the speaker. The five channels in each speaker are fed by a single digital input using the Exakt Link output from Akurate Exakt DSM. The on-board digital crossover in each speaker delivers an independently controlled signal to each of the drive units, via independent volume controls, DACs and power amplifiers.

Exakt technology eliminates magnitude and phase distortion, corrects for drive unit variation, and optimises your speakers for your room. Exakt Akubarik uses an Isobarik bass system, consisting of two bass drive units housed in the base of a beautifully curved and compact cabinet, letting you enjoy a depth of bass normally associated with much larger speakers. High and mid frequencies are served with stunning precision by Linn’s unique 3K driver array, also found in our Klimax speakers.

Available in a range of stunning finishes, Akubarik fits perfectly in every living space.The Akurate Exakt System uses the same Exakt technology used in our flagship Klimax Exakt System, putting the source in the speaker. Exakt builds on Linn DS to radically improve the performance of music systems by pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker.

Keeping the signal digital, and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage, removes the sources of noise and distortion associated with traditional hi-fi systems, which means the music you hear is a far more faithful reproduction of the original recording. Comprising the Akurate Exakt DSM digital music player and Exakt Akubarik speakers, the Akurate Exakt system’s beautiful styling and exceptional sound quality will re-ignite your passion for music".

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