Ruark R5


The R5 is the perfect 'all-in-one' system for music and design enthusiasts alike. The R5 combines all the features from their flagship R7 into a smaller, stylish cabinet. 

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Ruark have taken customers feedback from the design and features of their R7, so with R5, they have scaled down their flagship model in all but sound to create a system which is simply pioneering.

R5 is also the latest addition to their multi-room range and can be wirelessly linked to R2 Mk3, R5, R7 Mk3 and MRx using their Ruark 'Link' app.

Perfect on its own or when used with a TV as a complete home entertainment solution, R5 embodies Ruark's rich heritage with their awareness of changing technology in a system that has been built to last.

Available in either the Soft Grey or Walnut finishes.