Rega Planar 2 Package Deal

£1023.50 £899.00

Inspired by our original and best selling Rega Planar 2 package deal, this deal includes the new and compact Rega Io integrated amplifier and the uprated Planar 2 turntable. Ideal for people new to vinyl or for those who have dusted off their old records and want to listen to them again with a good system. The Rega Io is compact and simple to use, perfect for those more limited on space but don't want to compromise on sound quality.

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Included in this package is the Rega Planar 2 turntable, Q-Acoustic 3010i speakers and the new Rega Io amplifier. We even throw a stereo pair of 2.5m of Linn K10 speaker cables in for free!

This package is ready to go 'out of the box' with only a minimal and easy setup.

You also have the option of either the Gloss Black, Gloss White or Gloss Red Rega Planar 2 turntable.

The Rega Io amplifier features a high quality built-in MM (moving magnet) phono stage, two line level inputs, a redesigned mini remote control handset, and a high quality headphone output that is cleverly integrated to deliver optimum performance without compromising the audio circuit.

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