Naim Supercap DR


Product available in store only.

The importance of power supplies has been close to the heart of Naim philosophy for over twenty years. Although certain Naim amplifiers provide a very adequate power supply to the partnering pre-amplifier, the use of a separate Naim ultra-low noise power supply brings substantially improved musicality to the whole system. 

Simply being separate from the amplifiers ensures correct earthing and hum-free operation, while the large toroidal transformer and generous high quality smoothing capacitors provide exceptional dynamic stability.

Upgraded with their new DR voltage regulator, this timeless component remains one of the most well know and oft-employed power supplies in our range, and for good reason.   

Each of the multiple power outputs use specially selected regulators for optimum performance. The SuperCap can be used to power all of the Naim pre-amplifiers (except the NAC 552), phono stages and active crossovers and is the only choice for supplying power to the NAC 252 pre-amplifier.

The addition of anti-vibration, resonance-controlling feet compliment the elegant new cast and extruded anti-magnetic chassis to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration. The audible benefits from adding a Super-Cap are fundamental to the music: improving timing, dynamic range, clarity and order. Particularly complex music becomes both easier to understand and listen to. Inclusion of a Super-Cap offers the additional benefit of allowing the pre-amplifier to be left switched on constantly, independently of the power amplifier, keeping the unit\'s complex circuitry fully stabilised at all times.

Ultra-low noise pre-amplifier and electronic crossover power supply. Huge toroidal transformer and smoothing capacitors provide exceptional dynamic stability. The new Naim Super-Cap sets free the musicality and dynamic range of a hi-fi system, making an incredibly effective upgrade to a pre-amplifier/power amplifier combination.