Linn Sekrit DSM


Product available in store only.

The Linn Sekrit DSM allows you to no longer have to compromise performance for convenience. Designed primarily to power a second system, the Linn Sekrit DSM can be conveniently hidden away and through Linn's multi-room technology, can seamlessly play the same track as your main system. They say the best parties start in the kitchen but you don’t have to stay there.

With an unrivalled hi-fi heritage, Sekrit DSM combines genuine audiophile performance with all the convenience of a typical computer-based system, making it the perfect networked music solution.

A digital stream player with on-board pre and power amplification all in one discreet unit, Sekrit DSM is compact enough to position as discreetly as you require. Add it to your existing home network to instantly enjoy higher performance from your stored music than ever before. Now it's simple to enjoy Linn performance in any room of your home.

Ever heard your Blu-Ray movies or games through a true high-end music system? There's various inputs: from your TV to your CD player. Anything connected gets the benefit of Linn's expert engineering, with every last musical detail preserved.