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Linn Radikal


Product available in store only.

Linn Radikal replaces the standard AC motor and power supply, upgrading your Sondek LP12 transcription turntable to a new level of accuracy in musical reproduction. 

Radikal features a speed management system that auto-calibrates the motor every time the Sondek LP12 is powered on, ensuring perfect timing every time you use it.

With radically reduced electromagnetic noise levels, the precious brushed DC motor delivers a huge improvement in signal-to-noise ratio, getting you even closer to the music as the artist intended. Radikal is available in elegant silver or black Linn chassis, or in a special machined-from-solid aluminium chassis to match your Klimax system.

Partner Radikal with the Linn Urika, internal phono stage, and other LP12 SE Upgrades for a new pinnacle in turntable performance. Urika fits inside your LP12 and is powered by Radikal, ensuring the shortest signal path yet and the cleanest, purest sound.