Linn Klimax Exakt DSM


Product available in store only.

Extracts the best performance from every music source. Combining the ground-breaking digital streaming performance of Klimax DS with inputs for your other sources, Klimax Exakt DSM offers unrivalled performance and flexibility. Designed for Linn Exakt ready speakers or Exaktbox.

Like the rest of the Klimax range, Klimax Exakt DSM is housed in Linn's machined-from-solid aluminium enclosure, with dedicated rooms for the circuit boards inside isolating the signal from noise at every stage. With Exakt Link on board, it's also ready for connection to a Linn integrated speaker or Exaktbox for the ultimate upgrade.

The Linn Klimax Exakt DSM doesn't feature any analogue outputs, the Linn Klimax DSM provides these should you require.