Linn Akurate DS


Product available in store only.

Rediscover your music collection and enjoy high resolution Studio Master recordings with the widely acclaimed Akurate DS player from Linn, now featuring their extraordinary Katalyst DAC technology. 

The Linn Akurate DS excels with all the most popular digital formats, reproducing your favourite albums with exceptional dynamic range and musical detail. With no moving parts or on-board storage to introduce noise, your ripped discs are securely out of sight and you have instant access to your entire collection from your preferred wireless touchscreen device.

Listen to the latest high quality internet radio stations and podcasts to experience exciting new music without compromising quality. Housed in a stunning new precision-engineered enclosure, Akurate DS brings a level of elegance to your living area that matches the audio performance.

The Akurate DS is the source only variant of the Akurate streamer range, the Linn Akurate DSM has both analogue and digital inputs should you require.