Linn 350 Katalyst Loudspeakers

£49500.00 £26500.00

Product available in store only.

For sale is our ex-dem Linn 350 Exakt loudspeakers in the Gloss Black finish. They have been upgraded to the latest Katalyst technology. You will require a Linn Klimax Exakt streamer, please contact us should you also require one. We will install these speakers in your home, please contact us for more information.

Now featuring the latest Katalyst DAC architecture from Linn! Klimax Exakt 350 takes integrated Aktiv to the next level — now the source is in the speaker. Fed by a single digital input, the on-board digital crossover in each Klimax Exakt 350 delivers six independently controllable channels, each with its own volume control, DAC and power amplifier.

Exakt technology enables us to completely eliminate magnitude and phase distortion, correct for drive unit variation, and optimised your speakers for your room. Working together with Klimax Exakt 350 speakers, Klimax Exakt DSM is a network music player which faithfully reproduces the audio from every source connected. Exakt enables perfect transmission of the signal, keeping it digital and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage.

Control it all with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Get instant access to new music and listen to any music apps, internet radio or online content. The Exakt DSM, which is milled from a single block of aluminium, supports: 2 analogue inputs and 8 digital connections, including one HDMI out.

It streams any source to the 350 Exakt loudspeakers digitally, without any loss of signal. Come and hear for yourself, as we have it on demonstration.